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Breakfast eggah (or tortilla or ‘hockey pucks’)

Breakfast vegetable tortilla

Breakfast vegetable tortilla

After hitting us all with a blast of sugar, I thought it was time for a savoury bake. These breakfast eggah are known as ‘hockey pucks’ in our house because I bake them in silicone muffin moulds, and they come out like, well, hockey pucks. But much tastier. ‘Eggah’ is the Middle Eastern name (thanks Rachel); in Spain, they’re known as ‘tortilla’.

They are quite robust and will keep for a few days in the fridge, so I make a dozen at a time. One makes a good quick breakfast and they’re also robust enough to be a packed lunch. Or you can serve two for hearty appetites. Each one is a good start on your five-a-day, and by picking your vegetables you can make them paleo, primal, or ancestral. Continue reading