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Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville oranges: I love their bitter, strong flavour, and bought some at the market without any clear idea about what to do with them. Then this month’s AlphaBake challenge letter was Y, and I love yoghurt in general and yoghurt cakes in particular. And I’ve longed to make Smitten Kitchen’s grapefruit yoghurt cake. And I love lemon curd…

So a whole lot of ideas came together. I’d make a Seville Orange curd, and turn the cake into little drop cookies, and sandwich them together with it. And I did, and  they’re delicious. They look rather ordinary, but trust me: a lovely sharp orange flavour makes them light but distinctly moreish. Continue reading