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Double-N Millionaire Shortbread (Nuts and Nutella)

Double-N Millionaire Shortbread

My cousin loves nuts, so I invented this nut-and-nutella Millionaire’s Shortbread for her. It’s a luxurious variation that has nutella shortbread as the base, and then lots of chopped toasted hazelnuts in the caramel.

I’m not going to lie to you: it’s got some tricky bits. But the end result is worth it, if you like nuts.
(No eggs, and could easily be gluten-free. Packed with calories, sorry).

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The cake stall kit: what you need to take with you

The cake stall kit: what you need to take with you

For a good cake stall, you obviously need something to sell. But to run the stall, you’ll need some other stuff. As I was packing my ‘fete kit’ away after this summer’s outings (two cake stalls and contributions to a third), I thought I’d photograph it and  make a checklist for next time.

What you’ll need to take with you: checklist

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