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Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville orange yoghurt sponge drop cookies

Seville oranges: I love their bitter, strong flavour, and bought some at the market without any clear idea about what to do with them. Then this month’s AlphaBake challenge letter was Y, and I love yoghurt in general and yoghurt cakes in particular. And I’ve longed to make Smitten Kitchen’s grapefruit yoghurt cake. And I love lemon curd…

So a whole lot of ideas came together. I’d make a Seville Orange curd, and turn the cake into little drop cookies, and sandwich them together with it. And I did, and  they’re delicious. They look rather ordinary, but trust me: a lovely sharp orange flavour makes them light but distinctly moreish. Continue reading


Maple and pecan fudge: a step on the way to a fudge recipe that works

In theory, fudge is the perfect fête item:

  • cheap to make
  • an old-fashioned favourite
  • keeps for ages
  • easy to pack and transport.

But no-one told me how tricky it is. I’ve made so many batches that didn’t work, that almost worked, that needed to be rescued. Occasionally, the batch of perfection that is smooth, very slightly soft, but still firm enough to cut.

Crunchy fudge

Crunchy fudge

The picture isn’t one of them. It was the crunchy, crystalline sort that was still OK to eat. It set me on a hunt for the repeatable fudge recipe that works. Continue reading