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Breakfast eggah (or tortilla or ‘hockey pucks’)

Breakfast vegetable tortilla

Breakfast vegetable tortilla

After hitting us all with a blast of sugar, I thought it was time for a savoury bake. These breakfast eggah are known as ‘hockey pucks’ in our house because I bake them in silicone muffin moulds, and they come out like, well, hockey pucks. But much tastier. ‘Eggah’ is the Middle Eastern name (thanks Rachel); in Spain, they’re known as ‘tortilla’.

They are quite robust and will keep for a few days in the fridge, so I make a dozen at a time. One makes a good quick breakfast and they’re also robust enough to be a packed lunch. Or you can serve two for hearty appetites. Each one is a good start on your five-a-day, and by picking your vegetables you can make them paleo, primal, or ancestral. Continue reading


Nutty fruity bars – grain free, sugar free, dairy free

Nutty Fruity Bars - grain free, sugar free

Nutty Fruity Bars – grain free, sugar free

I’ve recently been experimenting with cutting back on grains and sugar – a bit of a challenge for a keen baker who loves to eat cake. Fortunately, Anja’s Food For Thought has plenty of ideas, and these nutty fruity bars are based on Anja’s Nutty Fruit Bars. If you prefer cup measurements, switch over to that recipe.

These are easy to make if you have a food processor, and will keep well in an airtight tin for when the munchies strike. They are quite portable; wrapped in a bit of foil, they worked well as a walking snack.

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